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Q: How do I adjust my manduca baby carrier so it will fit me?
A: Before putting your baby into the carrier, you should adjust it to suit your own size. You can do this using the long nylon straps at the two-way buckle fastenings of the shoulder straps and the waist belt. The ends of the nylon straps can be tucked away in the belt and strap loops. You will usually only have to make these adjustments once; from day to day you should only have to use the short nylon straps for fine tuning.

Q: Can I carry my baby in a front facing forward position in the manduca baby carrier?
A: The Manduca baby carrier is not designed to carry a baby in a "face forward" position.
It is designed to carry your baby in the M position- http://www.manduca.com.au/#/the-m-position/4557340929, which is the natural position for the baby. When placed in a face forward position, the baby is leaning forward in an unnatural position for his body, and he's not getting appropriate head support.
Being carried in the "M-position" allows your baby to be close enough to you to kiss, so you can always be aware of his face expressions and how he feels. It also allows him to control the amount of stimulation than he gets from the surroundings.

Q: Can I use my manduca baby carrier while I’m pregnant?
A: You can wear the manduca while you’re pregnant in a back carry position as long as you and your child feel comfortable to do so.

Q: From what age can I carry my baby in the manduca baby carrier?
A: You can carry your baby in the manduca from birth, or rather from 3.5 kg (approximately 7 lb 11 oz) in weight. In the first few weeks, you should use the integrated seat insert (see instructions for use), which will raise your baby a little higher as it sits in the carrier, and for the very first weeks its legs should be tucked up inside.

Q: When can I start wearing my baby on my back with my manduca baby carrier?
A: Before you start wearing your baby on your back, you should be able to carry him or her in the manduca without the seat insert. It is not the actual back carry that is the problem – as long as the head is held safely by means of the head support or back extension. However, it is as good as impossible to get a baby in the insert in the proper frog legs ‘position, onto your back by yourself while still supporting its head. For this reason we suggest you only attempt back carries once you are no longer using the insert.

Q: Can I get my baby onto my back with the manduca baby carrier unaided?
A: Of course you can! Have another look at the instructions that come with your manduca.
Your first attempts should be assisted by someone else or at least undertaken over a soft surface and/or in front of a mirror, until you feel confident about how to do it.
Check out the video instructions on how to put your baby in the back carry position in Manduca Baby Carrier from the front carry or hip carry position.