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Wearing your baby is enjoyable, practical, comfortable and convenient, as well as having proven benefits for baby’s bonding and development.

However, wearing a poorly made or designed carrier, or using a carrier incorrectly,
an put your baby at risk of injury or compromised health.


Manduca Australia is a member of the Baby Carrier International Alliance, dedicated to promoting safe babywearing.

Manduca takes safe babywearing seriously. The safety features of the manduca include:
• Ergonomic seating for baby in the “M” position, which ensures baby’s hips, legs and back
are in correct position to develop as nature intended.
• Safety clip on the waistbelt, to prevent accidental opening.
• Non-toxic dyes and organic fabrics.
• Baby is worn “upright and held tight” – enabling the wearer to monitor baby’s wellbeing, and ensuring baby breathes freely and doesn’t flop around.
• Quality fixtures and straps.

ELASTICATED LOOPS - All strap and belt fastenings have a padded backing, on which there is an elastic safety loop. Always pull the short ended straps tight enough so that they rest behind the elasticated loops and on the padding.

The manduca baby and child carriers have been safety tested and comply with the
European Standard EN 13209-2:2005 and are suitable for babies and toddlers from 3.5kg/7½lbs up to 20kg/44lbs.